Riddles in English

Do you know the pupils from 9d ? I mean, do you really know them ?

Read these riddles they wrote and try to guess who it is !


1. I am the girl who likes singing and sailing.

I enjoy cookies and playing chess, cycling and canoeing.

I love sleeping on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I'm fond of shopping and skiing, swimming and sledging.

I'm crazy about dogs and cats, hiking and playing the piano.

I am the girl who hates bugs and the cold.

I'm not fond of Chemistry and History.

I'm not keen on spinach and Science.

Do you know who I am ?



2. I'm the girl who likes drawing and dancing.

I enjoy knitting and first kisses in movies.

I love brunches and birds, salted butter and biscuits.

I'm crazy about breathing under the water.

I'm fond of eating in restaurants.

I'm the girl who hates fish and skiing.

I can't stand horror movies and hiking.

I'm not keen on sports and skating.

I can't bear warmth and war.

Do you know who I am ?


3. I'm the boy who likes playing football.

I love sledging, sailing and singing.

I'm fond of chess and cycling.

I'm keen on drawing and kayaking.

I'm crazy about my best friends !

I'm the boy who can't bear ice-skating.

I'm not fond of History and French.

I'm not keen on basket-ball.

I hate baseball. 

Do you know who I am ?


4. I'm the girl who enjoys canoeing and fishing.

I'm crazy about swimming and surfing.

I love pets and petals, skating and horse-riding.

I'm keen on meteorology and biology.

I'm interested in Double-Dutch and dancing.

I'm the girl who doesn't like hiking and collecting.

I hate perspiration and perversion.

I'm not keen on chess and mess.

I can't stand watching TV in summer and winter.

Do you know who I am ?


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