At the Paris City Hall

On Friday, January 16th , the 7b went  to the Paris City Hall.

This is  the Paris City Hall.



 We saw Anne Hidalgo. 

Anne Hidalgo is the Mayor of Paris.

Anne Hidalgo-c.Ines-Dieleman

credits Ines Dieleman

We listened to a speech by John Kerry  and  Anne Hidalgo. 


John Kerry is the American State Secretary.


credits : Victor Chevallier

John Kerry  spoke English and French.

We  shook hands with John Kerry. 

We listened  to “La Marseillaise”.                 

We  listened to a song by John Kerry ‘s friend.

We saw Lassana Bathily.  He talked to Moussa !

We took pictures. 



credits : AP

On the picture we can see : Helena, Mehdi, Moussa, Clementine, Luka, Nailati, Emile.