Normandie 2014

The American Cemetery   


  On April 3rd 2014, we visited the American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-mer, in Normandy. There is also a visitor center. We have been really surprised because it's different from a European cemetery:  there are Latin crosses and Stars of David very white, and perfectly in line. The graves are only made of grass and we can walk on it.  The trees are well cut. It is very clean. On the crosses there are: the dates of death, names, companies, and states of origin of the soldiers.

Most of the 9387 soldiers died in June or July 1944.  They came from all the states of the USA. They died to liberate France.

It's a very nice place. It is beautiful.

After the visit, ten pupils and three teachers went down on the beach. It is Omaha beach, nicknamed « bloody beach » because of all the soldiers who died there during D-day.

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Une journée à Londres

Organisation : Mmes BENMIRA et LANEZ 

Reportage photo : London trip - EF-March 26 th 2014

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Serre Chevalier 2014

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Accompagnateurs : K. Daoulas, C. Potier, R. Bahuon et Y. Gawlik

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