Surfing on the web, writing a comment, posting pictures... Everything, on the Internet, shapes a part of the digital identity and we should know how to cope with that.

The class of 5°2 created an Awareness campaign and Camille Sée's website is now promoting it.

Thanks and congratulations to every pupil.

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awareness campain 


The Digital Identity 



It's brand new and it's created by the eighth grade : an awareness campaign about cybersexism. It was an opportunity to practice a strong civic commitment.

Two pupils introduce this schoolwork, in french.


"Avant les vacances d'octobre, les élèves de la classe de 4°2 du Collège Camille Sée ont reçu pour projet d'organiser une campagne contre le cybersexisme. Ils avaient la liberté d'utiliser le... Lire