Sortie 6ème au Musée d'Art ludique à Paris.

Musée d'Art ludique

La classe de 6ème internationale a visité l'exposition: DC comics : A l'aube des super héros, le 9 novembre 2017. Des élèves racontent:

I am sure that you have heard of a few of DC superheroes and villains: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman the Joker... but very few people know about the thought that went behind it, the detail and design of everything from Superman’s logo to the Penguin's top hat. This is the exact reason for which we went to the DC museum. We found all the props and superhero costumes that were used in the movies. In the beginning there was a special treat because we got to see the original comics up to the modern ones. Then when we finished exploring the museum we found a video with the old, the cartoon and the modern movies and some of the pictures. When we went back to school we surely had something to talk about. This was a fun experience for us all.

Veronika & Jolene