Meet Charlotte, our new American assistant!

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This is our American assistant, her name is Charlotte Manyasli and her second name is Dolunay, which means “Full moon” in Turkish. She is 22 years old and she is Turkish and American. She is from Berkeley, near San Francisco but she studied in Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She has a brother and a dog. Her brother’s name is Noyan and her dog’s name is Karabash. She loves them both.

san francisco 

She also loves food, such as Mexican food, Thai, Indian, Turkish, French and Japanese dishes. She likes to cook Turkish pizzas, pasta, fish, cookies, madeleines and chocolate cake.

She has travelled to several countries such as Morocco, Thailand, Belgium, Spain, France, United States, Turkey, Mexico, Holland and Italy. She also did Taekwondo. Her favourite music is RnB.

She studied history and French Litterature and Visual Arts. Her favourite country is the U.S.A, more precisely California.

She also introduced us to the California symbols :
the California bird which is the quail and the California flower which is the poppy.



Also, Charlotte is crazy about listening to music and going to concerts (like Arctic Monkeys…).

She is interested in cooking and running. She really likes doing ceramics and pottery. She loves hiking and be in her car with her dog whose name is Karabach.

Courir          poterie          Cuisiner                               

Now let’s talk about California and Berkeley !

It’s 6 hours by plane from New York.

The famous food of California is…street food !

Food Trucks were born in California.

There is a grizzly bear on the flag of California.

In Berkeley, there are Berkeley High School and the famous Berkeley University.


She likes Paris and French people. She also would love visit England and Tunisia !

Finally, her goal is to have a teaching experience in Morocco. She is inspired by young people’s work.

For her if you want to become an English teacher assistant, you need to speak English very well, love travelling and students !


She will stay one year or more in France.


Charlotte organises an English Club every Thursdays and Fridays at school.

So you can go to meet our new American assistant !



Charlotte’s interview for TeensTalkTv:

- This is Ambre, for TeensTalkTv. Good afternoon Charlotte, how are you doing today?
- I’m doing fine, thank you!
- Thank you very much for accepting this interview.
- You’re welcome.
- So, let me start by saying a few words about you. Charlotte you are 22 years old. You are from Berkeley in California and you came to Paris to teach English to the students. I have other questions for you.
- Ok, no problem!
- Do you have a brother or sister?
- Yes, I have a brother and a dog.
- What’s the name of your dog?
- My dog is called Karabash.
- When is your birthday?
- My birthday is on August 14th.
- What are your favorite movies and series?
- My favorite movie is “Grease” and my serie is “Friends”.
- Who is your favorite actor?
- My favorite actor is Antonio Banderas.

Banderas                                      Grease 

- What is your favorite food?
- I have a top 7 for my favorite food: -number 1: Mexican food; -number 2: Thaï food; -number 3: Ethiopian food; -number 4: French food; -number 5: Turkish food; -number 6: Italian food and -number 7: Indian food.
- Thank you very much Charlotte, it was great talking to you!
- My pleasure!