And the winners are...

 Here are the results of the " Best Love Poems" votes ! 
  • Category One :
L is when I think of your Lovely face
O is when I Open my heart
V is when I smell your Vanilla perfume
E means our love Emblem.
                                          Mariam Bazzi - 10b ( 23% of votes )

L is for your Loveliness
O is for the Obsession of the body
V is for Voluptuous like your lips
E is for the Excitement that I feel for you.
                                          Youssouf Cisse - Ludovic Miche - 10c ( 18% of votes )

  • Category Two :
Lazy I was before I met you
Over my head, when I see the clouds, I remember our meeting.
Voice is a sweet melody when I listen to it.
Even changing my feelings into words is difficult : I want to say I love you.
                                         Kawther Bettounsi - 10c ( 17% of votes )

Love is a feeling
Outburst of emotions
Vast refuge of happiness
Earn it and you will live happy.
                                         Killian Feler - 10b ( 16% of votes )