School Trip in London

26 janv. 17



London museumNovember 3rd 2015 we took the Eurostar to go to London. We arrived at the station of Saint Pancras and we left to go to the London Museum on the docks. At Tower Hill we wanted to take the DLR but unfortunately it was not working due to industrial works on that day. So we asked which bus we could take, and a bus driver told us traffic was terrible “It took me one hour just to arrive here” he said. So we changed our plans: we took the underground to go to the London Museum in the town centre. And then we got lost because many trains stop and leave from the same platform.

Then we had lunch in the park and we went to visit the Museum of London.

Big benLondres 2016

Then we went to the Parliament: we waited in the lobby and interviewed the people passing by. They all answered our questions, they were very polite. Then we entered the House of Commons. It was very formal. There was a debate. We listened.

Then we left to go to the London Eye. That was really fun, we took many pictures and then we went to a 4D show about the London Eye, it was nice.

After that
we went shopping in  Oxford Street, and then it was time to leave and get on our train. We took the Eurostar back to Paris and came home after some delay, we arrived at midnight.

It was a nice day for all of us... Thames river