Association des parents de la Section Internationale de Camille Sée (ASICS)


ASICS - Camille See’s British International Section




Camille See’s British International Section was established in 2011 and now has seven classes from 6è up to Terminale with a great teaching team that works to prepare students for the International Option Baccalaureate (OIB). For further information on the bilingual programme, student profile, entrance tests and other matters, see the FAQ page.


ASICS, the parents’ association for Camille See’s International Section, works alongside other parent associations in the French education system to:


- promote understanding of the section in France and beyond, including answering questions from prospective parents on application procedures and school life;


- support the educational experience of the students;


- represent the interests of students and parents in discussions with the school;


- fund or support extra-curricular activities including a debate club, Model United Nations, Poetry by Heart competition, International History Bee & Bowl, movie nights, guest lectures and welcome events for new families.


For middle school students taking their “brevet” exam in 2017, 97% of all students obtained a “mention bien”, with 86% ranked “très bien”. 

For high school classes, Camille See’s first “terminale” international class graduated in June 2017. Graduates achieved a 100% success rate in the International Option Baccalaureate (OIB). Of these, an impressive 92% graduated with a “mention” and  33% with “mention très bien”.


Many of these students have now gone on to further studies in well-known universities in the UK, US, Canada and France.


For further questions on student experiences of the international section and more information on ASICS and recent activities, visit our website.


You can also contact parents with children in the International Section by e-mailing This is the email address of the parent delegates for international section who are happy to help answer any questions.


The parent delegates for International Section are :


Natasa Basic (5e-1ere)
Benjamin Craig (3e)
Sophie Stults-Guérinet (4e - 2de)
Maria Levant (1ere)
Sophie Weill-Boedec (3e-T)
Marie Houllemare (6e-4e)