Erasmus+ Intercultural creative art bridge 2017-2019


"One team, one dream"

Our project based on art, endangered art and culture, the implementation of Four Cs (creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration) of 21st century skills into general education and arts and cultural education at schools. The most important thing in art and cultural education should be that learning, preserving and transvering endangered art and cultural heritage from one generation to the next. Preserving our art and cultural heritage is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken for granted. In art -cultural education and also in neral education, Four Cs need to be fully integrated into classrooms, schools and districts around the country to produce citizens and employees adequately prepared for the 21st century. There are art and crafts that form part of our cultural heritage which are in real danger of dying out. The skills and techniques required are known by only a few as crafts people become older and retire from their work and there is noone coming into the craft to take their place. In this project we want to investigate and learn these endangered art and culture, to keep them alive, to transfer them to the new generations, to preserve them throughout the world by making them timeless, to form resources by doing art and cultural activities by using students' own Four Cs. We would like to give such a chance to new students and keep our position of modern, elite, sample European school, gain chance to form resources on endangered art and culture, transfer them to new generations, improve students' Four Cs by doing art-cultural activities.


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