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Erasmus days 2020

Les Erasmus days  qui ont lieu le 15,16,17 octobre 2020 sont l’occasion de célébrer chaque année les mobilités de nos élèves en Europe.
The Erasmus days is taking place on October 15,16 and 17, 2020 this year.  It is an opportunity  to celebrate our students' mobility through Europe.
Cette année, nos élèves de TCOM sont partis effectuer leur PFMP à Cork pendant 4 semaines en janvier.
Nous avons recueilli les témoignages de Chloé et Assa sur leur expérience européenne en Irlande.
In January this year, some of our TCOM students went abroad in Cork Ireland to do a 4-week  internship.
Here are a few videos of Chloé and Assa talking about their experience in CORK.

“ Hello I am Assa, I am a TCOM student, I did my Internship last January in Cork, Ireland. I was selected among Euro Section students to be part of the erasmus + Program which allows students from vocational high school all over Europe to do part of their interniship/PFMP abroad. 

Looking back, I consider myself very lucky that I got to spend a month in Cork training for my specialty (Sales & Trade) while developing my English skills at the same time.

It was a very fruitful and interesting experience. 

On a daily basis, I worked for a charity shop, OXFAM, ( days a week. The working hours were monday to Friday. I loved my host family they were really nice and made me feel really comfortable. They had 2 children and a dog. I got on well with everyone. The lunch and dinner times were slightly different from the french ones. The food: very international : pasta bolognese, burgers, pizzas …

 Again it was a very positive experience;  I would recommend it to all pupils and students if they had  the opportunity.”

Assa, TCOM Lycée Simone Weil /Sep Truffaut

 Chloé, TCOM Lycée Simone Weil /Sep Truffaut