Rédaction en anglais ...La Liseuse à la Fenêtre J.VERMEER

   Her name is Kelly.She was born on the 17th of October in 1996 and she is 18 years old.She has blond straight hair and blue eyes.She has glasses too.She lives in Scotland in a flat on the second floor.She has one sister and two brothers. She receives a letter every day and she loves reading next to the window because she needs fresh air.Her mother is 45 years old and her father is 53 years old.

She loves chocolate and she likes cooking,dancing and singing. She has one cat.His name is Oscar.She listens to music every day. She likes going to the cinema with her boyfriend.She is very happy with him.He loves eating ice-creams but Kelly hates ice-creams.

                     Tiyana 4e La Pérouse