La Section Anglaise

La Section Anglaise


The Lycée Honoré de Balzac is a large modern state school, situated in spacious grounds in the north-west of Paris.The facilities are excellent. There are  science, language and computer laboratories and the best sports equipment of any school in Paris: 4 gymnasiums, a running track and a swimming pool.
The English section is one of six international sections, all fully integrated into the vibrant multi-cultural life of the school. 


The pupils follow the usual French national curriculum from 6ème( year7-6th grade ) to Terminale ( upper 6th-12th grade + ) to this is added 4-6 hours of English language and literature and 2 hours of history-geography ( 1 subject in France ). These are taught by  native-speaker specialists in these subjects.
There is also provision for tuition in French as a foreign language (FLE) for those pupils who arrive from abroad.


The International Section pupils prepare  the O.I.B. (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat - not to be confused with the Geneva International Bac ) in Terminale. This qualification facilitates integration into the universities of the English-speaking world and is equally useful it those students who choose to pursue their studies in France. As perfectly bi-lingual and bi-cultural citizens they will succeed in and help to build the multi-cultural Europe of the future.


Apart from the usual requirements of entry into secondary school all pupils must pass an English test. Pupils coming from abroad must also sit a French and a Maths test. For further details please contact :


Madame Poitevineau
Sécretariat des Sections Internationales
Lycée Honoré de Balzac
118 bd Bessières 75849 Paris cedex 17
tel. : 01 53 11 12 13 poste 208
fax : 01 53 11 12 00
email :

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