Dossiers de candidature (collège ou lycée) en Section Internationale pour la rentrée de septembre 2020

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In order to suggest some useful, or entertaining, or interesting, or optional (take your pick, one or several) readings, this list includes references in english and french.

Surfing on the web, writing a comment, posting pictures... Everything, on the Internet, shapes a part of the digital identity and we should know how to cope with that.

The class of 5°2 created an Awareness campaign and Camille Sée's website is now promoting it.

Thanks and congratulations to every pupil.

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awareness campain 


The Digital Identity 



It's brand new and it's created by the eighth grade : an awareness campaign about cybersexism. It was an opportunity to practice a strong civic commitment.

Two pupils introduce this schoolwork, in french.


"Avant les vacances d'octobre, les élèves de la classe de 4°2 du Collège Camille Sée ont reçu pour projet d'organiser une campagne contre le cybersexisme. Ils avaient la liberté d'utiliser le... Lire

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