Reception, registration, and education for new students arriving in France

You live in Paris. Your child is arriving from abroad and has never been enrolled in an establishment recognized by the French National Education.

Children 2 to 6 years old

Students between 2 and 6 years old may be enrolled in the closest preschool to their residence, based on the limited spaces available in the school.

Children from 6 to 11 years old

All students between 6 and 11 years old who are just arriving in France are directed by their district’s city hall to the Unité Pédagogique pour Elèves Allophones Arrivants (UPE2A: organization for non-French speaking students) of the school closest to their residence.

A teacher evaluates their levels in French and mathematics.

According to the results, the student will be placed in a UPE2A or in an ordinary class. The city hall will then execute the student’s registration.

Consult the district city hall’s address

Documents required by the parents or guardian:

  • child’s identification
  • proof of residency (gas or electric bill received within last 3 months or current bill statement, last tax form or tax exemption form based on revenue, last property tax form and license-fee)
  • for guardians, a document proving that they are the child’s legal entrusted guardian
  • medical documents concerning mandatory vaccines: BCG (tuberculosis), DT-IPV (diphtheria, tetanus, and polio). These vaccines must have already been received or be in the process of being received.

Children older than 11 years old

  • Your child must take both French and mathematics tests (in their native language)
  • To do this, make an appointment at CASNAV by clicking the link : Prendre rendez-vous au CASNAV

The exams take place at 8:00 am at CASNAV in the Académie de Paris,
> 12 boulevard d’Indochine, 75019 Paris
> metro stop Porte de Pantin on line 5 or tram 3B stop “Butte du chapeau rouge”

Attention: CASNAV is closed during school vacations.

The day of the test

  You must submit an administrative application. List of documents to bring :

  • Child’s photo identification including date of birth
  • Birth certificate
  • Parent/guardian’s photo identification
  • Two proof of housing documents in the name of the legal parent/guardian: EDF or GDF bill (received within last 3 months), lease or property deed or tax form

In case of accommodation : provide proof of accommodation with individual, accompanied by photo identification of accommodator. We retain the right to require other supporting documents if necessary

  • Allocation receipt or proof of social security
  • Proof of supervision for children arriving in France unaccompanied by their parents
  • School report card from home country (facultative)


You must bring original documents; CASNAV does not make photocopies

Original documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by an official translation by a certified translator (no photocopies). Addresses of certified translators can be found at the city hall, préfecture, police station, or online through the Compagnie des Experts Traducteurs – Interprètes assermentés

After the tests, your child will be placed in a middle school or high school. You will receive this assignment by mail.


Mise à jour : mai 2023