BLUE: poèmes sélectionnés

 * Premier prix *

Blue Ocean of Sorrows


Dear Blue, color of many elements of Earth

 And everything that lives in it

Suffering, misery and sadness, do human beings have to bear?


Bright is the blue sky and the flaming star

That shone across blue seas and oceans

Beauty is the blue ocean when it’s peaceful, smooth and calm 

Evil when it turns gray, angry, huffy and harmed


Oh! Huge and monstrous wall of seas, nature of our world,

Whirling, swirling, churning, sweeping as fast as lightning

Like a mad rhinoceros, it destroyed and crushed everything in its way

Hunger and madness came to you that day


Millions of homes were swept

And innocent souls just wept

And drowned in a wave of sorrows

Spreading sadness

 And pouring an ocean of tears and agony


For those whose hearts, filled with sadness and fear, have stopped

And those whose families and loved ones left this world

I pray to rest in peace and rise above painful memories

Because humanity pours through the veins

Of every man and child



* Deuxième prix *

Blue Love


Every word, every breath

Reminds me of your love, your faith

Yet you are gone

And now I feel alone


I look at the pretty blue skies

As blue as your beautiful eyes

And I think about you

My angel, I dream of you


I am still loving you

For all my feelings were true

But now, without a dream in my heart

All my love falls apart


A million blue tears flow

But there remains a small glow

All of my doubts suddenly go away

I have finally found my own way


I can keep my memories

And respect my promises

Because blue is hope, blue is liberty

Blue is you and me



* Troisième prix *

Tribute to the Heart of the Ocean


Strong as a rock

You’re a shock to my mind

Defined by your frame

You’re a name for my pain


As blue as his blood, as cold as his heart

It’s time for you now to live in the dark

The depths of the sea will tear us apart

It’s time for me now to live in the light

As blue as the sea, as cold as the ice


You gave me your life

I give you my heart

Fabia LAM





B like blue, the color of the sky

L like love, an inexplicable feeling

U like union, - a best friend or a marriage

E like your eyes, those that made me fall for the first time


Since that first time, my heart has beaten for you only

How many times have I tried to say it to you?

But I’m not the same, in front of you


If I decide on something to say, one day,

It will be in your blue eyes

And if I drown, it will be with you.







With the passion put to use in my old grieves

And in my childhood’s faith


With a love I seem to love with my lost saints


With the breath, smiles, tears of my life!

And if God choose





I’ll be there


When it’s rainy or sunny

I will be there for you

So don’t worry and be happy


You can tell me you’re blue

Even if the world is against you

You can depend upon me

Because we’re like a family


As long as we’re under the same blue sky

Time flies but it will only be a goodbye

Even if it’s out of the blue

You know I’m your friend

And it will never end


Keep doing fine,

I know you can shine

You are not alone,

Not anymore

Alice QU





Feel that sensation outside,

Eating our broken hearts wide

The struggle of the wind cares

About how the sunshine fares.


Our eyes looking straight at the sky,

Reflecting the strong blue sigh;

Kills us and goes when at night

The moon takes all that bright light.


All the clouds disappear, so does our laughter,

And the dark turns our blue hope, our mouths

Forget the belief we had in blue days, mine

Stolen by the open way of removed time.






Whenever I look into your blue eyes

It's like when I watch the skies

You aim for me with your icy look

As for to tell me a story in a book


When you embrace me

The world disappears mysteriously

I feel like I am in a world of dreams

Don't leave from here please


Your beauty is beyond compare

With your beautiful gold hair

Your smile stops the time

At that moment I wonder who I am


Your voice is like a catchy song

And I can listen to it long

You are on my mind

I dream of you at night


When people hear me speak about you

They say I'll wake up tomorrow

But they don't know your love is like magic

And for me you are fantastic