19 Dec 17


The Lycée d'État Jean Zay is the biggest boarding school in Paris, entirely dedicated to its 800 students in preparatory classes ("Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles, CPGE"). Most of the students receive scholarships from the French government or from their own government for foreigners.

The Lycée d'État Jean Zay is not a school in itself since students attend classes in the state-funded CPGE Lycées in Paris during the daytime. In the evening, the boarding school offers different means for students to improve academically and to broaden their horizons : tutoring in most subjects, clubs, sports, cultural events....

By living in the residence, students pledge to actively participate in the activities offered to them.

The residence has two sites : Jean Zay in the 16th arondissement and Lourcine in the 13th arondissement.

Saison Culturelle

Inscriptions 2ème partie de la programmation culturelle

05 Mar 18


Le lundi 05 novembre à 20h sur le site Lourcine, Centre de ressources

Le mardi 06 novembre à 20h sur le site Jean Zay, Centre de ressources